Roche Harbor

Visited Roche Harbor on July 22 and 23 2017. Ate at both McMillin’s and Lime Kiln Cafe.

McMillin’s is an upscale restaurant with great food. The only concern I had with the restaurant is our waiter continuously tried to push us into more expensive food and wine choices than we desired. The tip reflected my unhappiness. Other than that part or our dinner, the food and the rest of the waite staff were very good.

Stars-Out of Five  * * * * (4)

Lime Kiln Cafe – Opens at 7:00 AM.  Lime Kiln Cafe is a pleasant cafe with a great view of the marina. It is bright with plenty of windows to watch the world go by.  We had breakfast on the morning of our departure. We had their egg sandwiches which were enormous and very tasty. The egg and sausage sandwich I had was so thick, I took the egg patty off (about 3/4 of an inch thick-with sausage crumbles inside) off and ate it with a fork.  The staff was very friendly, service was quick and they keep the place clean.

Stars-Out of Five * * * * * (5)

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